Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

Toms Brook to Edinburg

Action of Tom's Brook A25

A historical marker for the cavalry Action of Toms Brook is at Toms Brook, Virginia. It was erected in 1927 by the Virginia Conservation & Development Commission.


The marker is on the southwest side of Toms Brook on the northwest side of the Valley Pike (U.S. 11), 0.5 mile southwest of the Toms Brook Post Office and in between Rose Hill Lane and Heishmans Park. (38.9421 N, 78.44674 W. see map)


From the marker:


Action of Tom's Brook


Here Early's Cavalry under
Rosser and Lomax was driven
back by Sheridan's cavalry
under Torbert, October 9, 1864.

Erected 1927 by Conservation & Development Commission



Historical marker for the Action of Rutherford's Farm northeast of Winchester, Virginia.
(above) Historical marker for the cavalry Action of Toms Brook, Virginia

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