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Port Republic

Battle of Port Republic
Circle Tour markers

A set of markers on the 1862 Battle of Port Repubic was erected in 1964 by the Virgina Civil War Commission.


Location and directions

The markers are on the SE Highway one mile east of Port Republic Road. (38.2932° N, 78.784011° W; see map)


Text from the marker


Battle of Port Republic
June 9, 1862


General Stonewall Jackson, with 6,000 Confederates, attacked James Shields' vanguard of 3,000 under E. B. Tyler, which had marched down Luray Valley to join General J. C. Frémont's army. Jackson's first attack by General C. S. Winder's brigade, bolstered by the 7th Louisiana, was repulsed. Counterattacking, the Federals captured one Confederate cannon. Jackson was reinforced by units from General R.S. Ewell's division and General Dick Taylor's Louisiana brigade swung to the East, charged and captured the six guns emplaced at the intersection of U.S.340 and Route 569. The Federals counterattacked and recovered the guns. Reinforced by Colonel W. S. Scott's command, Taylor's Louisianians again pressed forward and the Federals were once more driven from the cannons. Tyler's troops abandoned the field and retreated towards Conrad's Store. As the Federals retreated, General I. R. Trimble's and Colonial J. M. Patton's brigades retired across North River and burned the bridge, preventing Frémont from coming to Tyler's assistance.

Battle of Port Republic Cirle Tour markers(above) Battle of Port Republic Cirle Tour markers
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