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New Market

Battle of New Market Circle Tour

A set of historical markers for the Battle of New Market is north of New Market, Virginia. They were erected in 1966 by the Virginia Civil War Commission.


The Circle Tour markers are next to a Virginia historical marker on the Battle of New Market.


How to get there

The marker is on the north edge of New Market, Virginia on the west side of the Valley Pike (U.S. 11). (38.66233° N, 78.663083° W; see map)


Text from the marker


Battle of New Market


May 15, 1864.

General U.S. Grant's plan to defeat the Confederacy in 1864 called for a raid by General G. Crook into southwestern Virginia. General F. Sigel, to keep the Confederates from concentrating against Crook, was to advance down Shenandoah Valley from the Harpers Ferry area. Skirmishing frequently with General J.D. Imboden's cavalrymen. Sigel's column reached New Market on May 14. During the night, Imboden was reinforced by General J.C. Brekinridge's command. On the 15th, after a furious artillery duel, Confederate infantry advanced from Shirley's Hill and rolled back Union skirmishers. A desperate struggle followed and Breckinridge's infantry drove Sigel's troops from the ridge south of Bushong House. The V.M.I. Cadets moved up from the reserve, and along with the 62nd Virginia, charged across a gulch, broke the Union line and captured several cannons. The rest of the Confederate infantry surged forward, and Sigel's troops were driven from the field.

Battle of New Market Circle Tour marker(above) Battle of New Market Circle Tour marker (see enlargement)

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Battle of New Market Circle Tour battlemap marker

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