Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

Front Royal, Virginia  

By the end of May, 1862 Union forces under Nathaniel Banks were digging in at Strasburg and preparing for 'Stonewall' Jackson's return down the Valley. Jackson returned, but not where expected. He came up the other side of Massanutten Mountain, smashed through the Union outpost at Front Royal, flanked Banks' position at Strasburg and forced a hasty Union retreat to Winchester.


Colonel John R. Kenly's small Union force in Front Royal did its best to stall Jackson in a series of desperate stands. But by the end of the day most were casualties, including Kenly, badly wounded and captured at Fairview.

Asbury Chapel

Battle of Front Royal
Bel Air

Belle Boyd wayside

Belle Boyd and Jackson

Brother Against Brother

Executions of Mosby's Men

Execution of Mosby's Rangers

Fairview - Kenly's Last Stand

Front Royal Circle Tour

Guard Hill

Guard Hill Engagement

Monument to Mosby's Men

Prospect Hill Cemetery

Richardson's Hill

The Bridges

Visitor Center markers

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