Cedar Creek
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Long Meadow Area

Belle Grove Area

Middletown & North

Tour the Cedar Creek Battlefield

A self-guiding auto tour with ten stops will take you through the events of the day from the Confederate attack at dawn in the southern part of the park to the final Union counterattack in the northeast.


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The tour starts at the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters (8437 Valley Pike, Middletown, VA).


Stop 1 is the Valley Turnpike

The Valley Pike was a vital line of supply and communications for both armies. Sheridan’s headquarters was across the highway at Belle Grove, although Sheridan himself was in Winchester at the start of the battle, returning from a strategy confedrence with the Union high command.


The Union army was camped in the fields around Middletown, believing that the beaten and outnumbered Confederates were no longer a threat.


To begin the tour turn left out of the Foundation Headquarters parking lot and head south on U.S. Route 11 for 1.0 mile.


Map of the Cedar Creek battlefield area

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